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At the weekend I bought, Paris, Je T'aime, it was a bit of an impulse purchase as I'd never really heard of the film, nevermind watched a trailer or anything, but it was definitely a good buy. The DVD is made up of eighteen short films by well known film makers, yet they still look incredibly indie. All of the eighteen films are stories of love from Paris, with the passion to make you fall in love with the city. I have to say that all of the stories were amazing and very inspirational, although some a little confusing! The DVD had a feel of nostalgia running through, and most of the films had warm tones, which added to the romance in the films. I really do love old romance :)

Anyway there was one short film that was different to the rest, and really stood out and made me smile, which was Tour Eiffel,  written by Sylvain Chomet. The story is based on a mime, who finds love and happiness even though he has no material possessions, which definitely shows that money and materials is not everything. Anyway, watch this short film, think, smile, and then go and buy the DVD and feel inspired :). Enjoy:

ps: how cute is the little boy with his giant bag :)
pps. I just realised there is no subtitles on this, (more reason for you to buy the dvd), but basically the woman is asking the little boy how his parents met, and he replies that they met in prison :)

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