Flickr Faves Friday


Decided to focus this weeks flickr faves on patterny type illustrations. I feel I've been spending far too much recent time fussing over photography rather than illustrations and graphic art and I need to get the balance just right :) I bought a nice pattern book too, to help me get back into patterns more. I'll do a mini blog about the book once it's arrived as it looks super duper! Anyway enough about me, go and see this really amazing pieces in their full glory by clicking on the thumbnails, and of course; enjoy!

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  1. hello danielle. thank you for picking my cloud pattern. i have just started making patterns - once you get your head round it - it is fun to do. is the book 'print and pattern'? by any chance? have you seen the blog?dx.

  2. Yeah I've checked out your blog :) I love your lions :D and your welcome :)
    It is that book, how did you know? It's an amazing little book :)
    I've made a couple of patterns before but not too many, here's a couple I made before: :) x