Flash, Flash, Flash!


My Diana Flash has arrived and I love it so much already! I think it look's super cute on my tiny tiny camera, plus you can fire the flash without taking a photo which I think can be very useful. The flash came with a little pack of gels (around 12 I think), all different colours and they really do give it a colour fill, however I've only tried them by firing the flash against my wall, I haven't actually run a film through with the flash yet. I'll definitely be updating once I've got a film developed with the flash but for now I'm still doing my diana mini swap project so might not be able to get these ones done for a while! :( Please ignore my flump looking fingers and giant arms, I don't have freakishly big body parts just an extremely small camera! Oh and I also ordered a pack of fotoclips with the flash, and I'm hoping to attach some of mine and the boyfriends photos together in the new flat to make a lovely big collage, so keep an eye out for this as I'm sure I'll post up some photos :)

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  1. A flash that you can fire without taking a picture? That's a perfect weapon for those horror movies with light-sensitive monsters.

    We may all need to get one if there's an invasion of some sort.

    It does kind of overpower the camera, though, doesn't it? :)

  2. Haha, it does indeed overpower the camera but I like it :)
    if you lay the flash lengthways next to the camera then they are pretty much the same size :)