Diana Mini - Film Swap :)


Just heard of a great idea over on the Diana Mini Love blog, click the link to go to the original post. The idea is you take a roll of film and your diana, shoot the whole film, wind the film back but leave some of the film sticking out so you can re use it, and then send it off to another diana mini user, who then shoots the whole film and gets it developed. The theme of the swap is 'The World We Live In' which is pretty open, so there's plenty of chance to find something that fits the brief. Once everyone has completed their swaps the photo's will be scanned in and added to the Diana Mini Love flickr pool for everyone to enjoy. I think the idea is great and I will definitely take part. If you own a diana mini and are also interested in the film swap then email Elle before the 16th of May, along with your name, postal address, and any other bits you want such as flickr link, twitter, etc.

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