Giant Update


There's been a lot going on a lately that I keep thinking I'll mention on here but forget each time, so here it all is in a big kind of list thing:
001. The image above is my new lovely owl biscuit jar :), I bought it for mine and my boyfriends new flat which we can move into in 6 weeks and one day. I'm very excited. We've pretty much bought everything we need now, under my desk in my uni accommodation and my wardrobe back home are filled with bags and boxes of new bits and bobs. We've decided on a red theme throughout as its a studio flat, and I absolutely adore any thing with owls on so this cookie jar was perfect, plus I plan to do lots of baking in the new flat.
002. I've finally ordered a flash for my diana, and I'm very excited for that to come, I'm sure there will be lots of updates once I have it :)
003. I'd like to take this time to thank all my new followers, (and my existing too of course!), can't believe I have 73 people who like to read my blog :). I'm thinking of doing a giveaway once I get to 100 followers, not sure what it will be yet, but I'd like it to be something I've made, or something from somewhere like etsy that make custom gifts.
004. I've finally finished my first year at uni, which you may have realised from the boost in blog posts that I've been doing. However we have been given a couple of live briefs, and there's one I'm really excited about. Not sure if I can say much on this so I'll upload what I'm doing once the deadline is over and done with.
005. Can anyone remember the 'Be Kind To Earth' piece I made in awe of the university green day? (If you can't, then here it is). Well a friend of mine told me that they were running a competition and exhibition on the day so I entered my piece, and won first prize :). I picked up my prize the other day and it was a £25 cheque, not bad for a uni competition and some work I'd already created :)
006. I'm hoping to be listing my tote bags on etsy in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for them. Most of the bags have been painted, I just want to make some lovingly created tags for them! I've created 4 of each of the bags, and I will not be making any more so if you manage to get one then you really will have something individual and kind of limited edition :)

Anyway I think that's everything, sorry for the extremely wordy post!

ps. win an amazing free print here :) all you need to do is add a comment with your email address.

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