Work Work Work


So I know I said I probably wouldn't be able to post this week but I am :) Been really busy with work and don't seem to be getting far, but today I decided to have a little break just for an hour or so, which means I can come back to everything with a fresh mind! Popped into town with the boyfriend and had a little look in the two waterstones, which are always dissapointing, they have about 3 shelves in each for art, and that covers design, fashion, textiles, photography, art history etc so there's hardly ever anything worth a read really :( We also went into Primark, and bought a lovely throw and layered berry candle for our new flat, really can't wait to move in, it's so gorgeous! (I'll most likely upload some photo's when we move in so you can all have a nosey). Finally we made a stop at Lloyds for some coffees which were absolutely amazing as two of the staff were having a competition so see who could make the best. Bonus.

Anyway, when I have been working, this has been getting my through:

I highly recommend you go out and buy it, or download it. You will certainly not be dissapointed :). There's ten tracks and each is amazing, and extremely catchy. Plus if you have spotify then check out the Jakwob remix of Under The Sheets. Immense. Oh and the album artwork isn't too shabby either :)

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