Moleskine Monday


Last week was so sunny and hot, and I spent all week indoors glued to my mac, or sat in the library trying to complete all the work for my deadlines. Now I've pretty much finished university for the year the sun decides to hide behinds the clouds :( I was hoping for a week of beer gardens, film cameras, and picnics but looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer! Well at least it's not raining yet anyway :) Oh and once again, sorry for missing out on last weeks monday moleskine.

Also, I got my Diana Mini film developed and I did much better with that than my Agfa, I'll post up some of the results tomorrow! Went to the other Max Spielmann's in town, and they developed my film so much quicker, they got it done within the hour for no extra cost, when I went to the other I payed the same price but it took five days! I know where I'll be getting my prints from in the future now!

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