Moleskine Monday


No reasonings behind this weeks Monday Moleskine, just simply a doodle, and I like to draw moustaches. However it is a special page in my pocket moleskine, the first page where I've used a posca to fill in block, been a little worried about it in the past in case it went through the page but thankfully no paper was harmed during the making of the piece!

Back to university now, the weathers lovely and I feel I have my freedom fully restored although I will miss my parents and two gorgeous westies. I feel a little cooped up at home due to the fact that I come from a small town and everywhere is a drive away, but now everythings pretty much in arms reach :) I've also got my scanner back which I'm extremely happy about, and you may have noticed from the nicer moleskine above! :)

Probably won't be able to update as much this week as I have been previously due to the fact I have four major deadlines next week (got one out of the way today already - hurrah!), but I will try whenever I can! Also in other news my camera arrived today, but I got it sent to my home address so won't be able to have a play with it until the weekend so long as the film turns up too! This will probably result in me being snap happy over the next couple of weeks, and uploading my best bits soon after :)

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