Lost And Found


I was just trying to tidy up and reorganise my mac a little, it always gets a mess near deadlines, with untitled folders everywhere, and lots of print screens taking up all my desktop space, when I came across this:

Its a tote bag I made last summer when bored, and I completely forgot all about it! I used to love drawing this elephant, as you may notice from my twitter background, (if you've not seen it yet, click here!). This tote is hand painted in shimmery fabric paint, the type you iron once you've finished to stop it fading and peeling and he also has a button for an eye :). Sorry if the image is pixelated, the original was pretty small (took this before I knew all about dpi etc. haha). Anyway what do you think? :)

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  1. I think its lovely, you should make some more and sell them, I would defiantly buy one!

  2. I did make a whale one too :)
    can't find any photo's of that one though :(

    do you really think people would buy them?

  3. I would buy one! It's so cute! :D xxx

  4. Yeah for sure! There really nice, I'm getting bored of the tote bag I use for university, I would totally use one of these! :)

  5. I think I might set up an etsy account next friday and start selling them :)
    i've still got lots of paint and tote bags left too so I'll make some more too :)