Finally Getting Somewhere :)


(left to right; lomo action sampler, agfa silette vario, diana mini)

Sorry for the lack of posts these last few days, and for missing yesterdays Moleskine Monday, these deadlines have really just got on top of me, but I have handed in 2 of 6 so far, so it will all soon be over (the last ones on friday). Spent most of the last week glued to my mac, or in the University library.

However I did pick up my new camera and film at the weekend :). Managed to get straight out and shoot a film on a lovely summer/spring walk with my two little westies and boyfriend. Took the film to be developed on monday, but unfortunately they can't get it developed until Saturday! When I do get my photo's I will definitely upload the best - so long as they turned out at all anyway, the camera is over 50 years old! Got two extra goodies with my camera that I wasn't aware about, a lens hood, and black and white filter :) think they will definitely both come in handy at some point. Anyway the picture above is my current film camera collection at the moment, only small at the moment but I do hope to get it bigger. Each of the cameras have been loaded with expired film and are ready to go :)

Considering setting up an etsy account at the weekend, to sell handpainted tote bags, similar to the one on the post below. Would probably get other stuff up on there after a while too. Thinking of making a mini zine this summer but more on that as I get to it :)

Anyway, I better head over the the library soon.
Enjoy your week :)

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  1. RE: Hey thanks for commenting and following my blog. I appreciate it very much. Cute cameras. ^^