Diana Mini :)


So as I mentioned yesterday I got some pretty good shots on my Diana Mini, much better than my attempts with the Agfa. I decided to only put one on here as to not overload you with images but you can find some more over on my flickr :). Think this is probably one of my favorite photos, I love the square format, and the multiple exposure turned out pretty good on this one. I love the way you can one see the second exposure with the shape of the tree on the first. Already loaded another film in the diana so it won't be long until I put some more up on here. Also decided that I definitely will be getting a diana flash now, think it will be great for summer nights and you also get the gel filters with the flash when you buy it from the lomo site, so I bet you can get some crazy looking effects with them! Anyway as I mentioned, the rest of my photo's are on my flickr so go and jump over there now :)

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  1. i love love love diana minis
    and i equally love your images from one just as much :)