Can I Get A Hell Yes?


As promised I'll let you know what I thought of yesterdays Brilliant Design Lecture, but I just don't know where to start? It was a full day lecture, and was not really what I was expecting. I expected each of the guest speakers to do a long winded talk about themselves, and why they are so good, blah de blah, but instead the day was split up into rounds, the I made this round, the this inspired me round, and the this is new to me round. Each of the speakers had 10 minutes within each round to tell you or show you something that related to the subject, and it was extemely fun. I honestly think that some of the guest speakers should try stand up comedy too, Mr Bingo's three speaches were absolutely hysterical, and I'd love to go to one of his talks again. Anyway I won't talk about what each of the speakers do as I gave you a link yesterday to check them out, and I don't want to drone on too much :) If you missed the link then here it is again!

As well as having brilliant guest speakers, they also had amazing branding too :) I loved the stickers they gave us on arrival (mines made it's way on to me moleskine), they were great little 'Hell, YES!' typography stickers, which may of been a tad inapropriate due to the fact the event was held in our onsite church but nevertheless brilliant :).

The day finished with a raffle ticket and despite buying 8 tickets with the boyfriend we unfortunately didn't win anything. The prizes were great though, 5 signed event posters, a years supply of Yorkshire Tea, 3 Mr Bingo posters, 3 issues of It's Nice That, and the major prize; a copy of CS5! We were only two tickets off of winning the copy of CS5 too!

The full day was filmed with three cameras, so I'm pretty sure they will be compiling a movie of the day soon so keep an eye out for that!

Oh and I'll be posting my flickr faves soon too :)

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