The Brilliant Design Lecture


Woke up pretty early this morning so I thought I'd get a post in before the day starts properly. Going to The Brilliant Design Lecture today, which is an event created by three Huddersfield art and design graduates to 'fuel the imagination of students from the School of Art, Design and Architecture'. I'm pretty excited about going, it's almost eight hours of guest speakers telling us; what they made, what inspired them, and what's new to them. I even heard that Adobe are even making an appearance to tell us a bit more about their new CS suite! Plus the best bit is the fact that it's free, there was 250 tickets up for grabs, and all you had to do to get one is enter your name and student number online :). Anyway, click the image above if you want to go to the original page and see who the guest speakers are, and I'm sure I'll update my thoughts on the lecture when it's over!

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