Big Big Big Update :)


001. So as I mentioned in the last post, I've finally finished all my university work :) Still officially have to go to uni to the middle of July, but we no longer have work that gets moderated so the stress will definitely be lifted!
002. I got my first film developed from my Agfa silette vario, but it didn't turn out as planned. Its been so long since I've used a manual camera and I kept completely forgetting to set the focus, which means the majority of my photo's are awful, but I've still got plenty of films to shoot and practice with, and the good thing is, is that the camera actually works! I did quite like how the two above photo's came out. Think my camera lets light through the back when the case isn't attached which explains the red on the top photo, but I think it gives a nice effect :)
003. Crim Collective, have been featured in this months Computer Arts Projects, you should definitely check that out. There's a few pictures of our projects, and also a few words from some of the members, so check it out as soon as you can! It feels so exciting seeing something I took part in published in a magazine :)
004. Think my summer has officially started, had a lovely barbeque with my family, the boyfriend and his family. Felt really good to just relax in the sun without worrying about all the work I have to do :) Also in less that ten weeks I get to move into my own flat and I'm very very excited about this :)
005. You know the piece I posted on here, with the little earth guy, and the 'please be kind to earth' text? Well I submitted it to the uni Green Day for a little art expo competition and I came in first place :) supposed to be getting my piece back along with a little prize at the beginning of next week which is pretty exciting so say it's the first design competition I've ever submitted to (even if it was only a small one) :)

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