Easter Break :)


Finally broke up for easter today which should help me find time to get some personal work together, as well as finnish all my university projects off which are due in the first week back. The past few weeks have been rather exciting, with putting a deposit down on a gorgeous studio flat with my boyfriend - can't wait until the 1st of July so we can move in :), I got some very exciting post from Jon Burgerman, also had a meeting with the Crim Collective where we discussed lots of exciting opportunities that 2010 holds, I can't say more right now as this is all top secret but watch this space to be the first to know more!

More about the Jon Burgerman post I mentioned. Jon Burgerman mentioned on twitter that he would draw a picture for the first few people who would send him some toffee, after being told by someone elso on twitter that 'Jon Burgerman can't draw for toffee'. I sent some thorntons strawberry and cream toffees and in return I recieved two of his character stickers, a microfiber screen protector and a signed doodle. Proof that Jon Burgerman can in fact draw for toffee. Thanks very much Jon :D

I've been uploading new stuff to my flickr recently too so you have to check that out :) mostly moleskines lately but keep an eye out for my new stickers and possible tote bags and plushies coming soon :)

Also considering starting blog feature posts which will be starting within the next couple of weeks and from then on will be posted on the same day each week :D

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