Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Work It Baby

With the party season in full swing, I thought it was about time I hunted down the perfect hairspray, that doesn't just say that it does the job, it actually means it. I feel like I've tried a million & one hairsprays over my life; tresemm√©, lee stafford, schwarzkopf, elnett, aussie etc. etc. but I've never really found anything that made me think 'I must buy this one again'.

That could all be about to change with the introduction to Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Work It Hairspray. I'll start with the cons for this on.
1. it gets finger prints all over the matte black bottle which makes me feel a bit OCD. 
2. …. nope, that's it, there's just the one, and in all honesty, I can definitely get over a slightly smudged looking bottle!

So what makes it so good I hear you ask? Everything! I love the super sleek premium bottle, and the nozzle works perfectly, even after a couple of weeks use. The fragrance is a lovely floral scent and doesn't smell like something you'd use to terminate a house full of bugs like most hairsprays do. It doesn't leave a horrible rigid feeling, or any sticky residue, in fact you can't even tell it's in there at all but you still have glorious hair that stays in place for the whole day.

You can pick this up from Hairtrade who also have a pretty amazing stash of christmas gift ideas too which I'm definitely not ogling right now (that bit was a lie!). 

Have you tried this hairspray before? What's your ultimate hairspray? 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Flowerparty By Night Fragrance

Yves Rocher is a brand I've previously tried one or two things from, but I can't say that I really knew that they made fragrances too. However, after trying this little beauty I'll be making sure that this is one of the first places I think of shopping when I'm next hunting down a new perfume.

Flowerparty By Night reminds me of a few perfumes - marc jacobs daisy simply for the packaging, viktor & rolf bonbon for the super sweet notes and lanvin marry me for it's all round floral sweet finish. That said, these are 3 of my favourite perfumes (all just slightly behind flowerbomb if we're keeping score), so this is definitely a winner in my opinion.

I find sometimes that you can read the fragrance notes that go with a perfume and not really be able to pick them out individually, but with this one I genuinely can pick out the sticky sweet liquorice, warming bourbon vanilla and heavenly floral notes. I'll definitely be picking this up again, and I recommend you do too!

Have you tried anything from Yves Rocher before? Do you like the sound of this perfume?

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Gluten Free Happiness

Recently, the lovely people over at ilumi asked if I'd like to try one of their naturally gluten free meal plans, I'm not coeliac but I do always try to eat healthy and know that gluten can often make you feel pretty sluggish so I decided to give it a try.

I did the 28 day plan*, as this is the one that's supposed to give you the biggest noticeable change in your lifestyle. Included is 40x meals (mainly curries & casseroles), 20x sides (rices & similar), 16x soups and 11x ilumi endorsed products (porridges, breakfast biscuits etc). As all products are ambient you don't need to worry about space in the fridge, although I did find that these took over my reasonably small kitchen for a good 2/3 weeks!

First impressions are that I love the branding and handy little microwave pouches. All products are guaranteed to be nut, gluten & milk free so they do manage to cover quite a few allergies. After completing the challenge I have mixed feelings, I'll highlight my pros and cons below.

• Great to come home and not have to worry about making a big mess in the kitchen whilst still having a healthy meal.
• I have to admit that I did feel a lot more chipper with a good bit of get up and go.
• The 28 day trial lasted me far longer than the 28 days, probably more like a month and a half due to only having the main meals in the evening and adding a couple of my own cooked meals in between.
• Nice handy tips on the front of packets suggesting the perfect side.

• I think the cooking instructions need a little work, I tried these on a couple of microwaves adjusting the timing compared to power, however they never really came out that warm so I ended up heating on the hob each time.
• Not a huge variety in meals, I did feel like I was eating the same things over and over.
• Needing room to store everything - would be great if you could have them in 2 deliveries instead.
• Some of the meals did have a bit of a mushy watery 'microwave meal' taste/appearance, which is what they technically are, but I did expect a little more due to the branding and all their healthy promises.

Overall I probably would try them again, although I think next time I'd just go for the 7 or 14 day plan with mainly casseroles and thai style curries. Have you tried ilumi before? Would you give them a go?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Redken Pillow Proof

When it comes to my hair, dry shampoo is up there in my top 3 products (along with Aussie Leave In Conditioner & any nice variation of salt spray - the Redken one is pretty special, I reviewed it here if you're interested), washing & drying is the biggest pain in my life, so anything that can help to reduce that is a winner in my books.

I've always religiously used Batiste as I've never found something better or worth all those extra pennies, but that could all be about to change. The Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender, (which is a bit of a mouthful!) has quickly become my go-to product on any day that my hairs feeling a bit meh. I find it to be a lot lighter than ones I've used in the past, so it helps to give my hair a lot more texture and volume without feeling sticky or dry. Plus, unlike others, if you spray in a bit too much then it's really easy to brush out. You genuinely do feel like you've got freshly washed shiny bouncy locks with this one - thanks Redken!

You can pick up a bottle from Hairtrade who are the UK's online leading retailer of hair extensions along with a huge array of beauty & fragrance products.

Have you tried this before? What's your favourite dry shampoo?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Giveaway - Win A Night Away With Travelodge

Today I'm excited to announce that I'm teaming up with Travelodge to give one of you lucky readers a chance to win a nights stay in a Travelodge hotel of your choice, to celebrate the fact they're refurbishing over 500 hotels across the UK! Personally, if I won (which I obviously can't, cry cry, jealous cat!) I'd be looking at going somewhere lovely like Liverpool for a nice bit of Christmas/sales shopping, I absolutely love that place!
To enter, just fill in the rafflecopter below. The winner can pick any UK hotel, subject to availability, prize must be claimed with in 6 months. Good luck!
Where would you go if you win? What would you do to make the most of your free night away?

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