Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Moroccan Oil Barrel Brush

I'm all about buying lovely makeup brushes from Eco Tools & Real Techniques but I'm ashamed to admit that I've never made the same commitment for my hair. That said, I do have a stunning GHD paddle brush that I received in a set, but I've got to say it's more of a dressing table ornament and I don't think I've ever used it sadly.

So with that in mind, the lovely people over at Hairtrade sent me this extra large Moroccan Oil barrel brush to try out, and I think this could be love. I've been using this brush for about a month now, and I'm still getting the hang of blow drying properly, I guiltily do fall into that category who just aimlessly points a hairdryer and hopes for the best. That said, when I have managed to get over the achy arm syndrome and committed to a full 20 minute drying session my hair has felt fuller, more voluminous and I haven't really had to use my straighteners after which is a big plus in my books. Plus if I wasn't using this brush it usually takes me around 30 minutes to dry my hair. It's the perfect size to give me a real full blunt fringe, and it glides through my hair ever so smoothly without a single tug.

I will share images of my hair once I've completely mastered the process, probably over on my Instagram account here. Other than that, I'm incredibly in love with the colours, and also the little pull out hair parter in the end of the brush too. It's made from ceramic so it holds and distributes heat really well, and I can just tell that it's going to last such a long time because it genuinely feels premium quality.

What's your routine for your hair? Do you put as much thought in as you do with your makeup routine?

Friday, 10 April 2015

Quelques Notes D'Amour Perfume

I won't lie, I have no idea how to pronounce the name of this little perfume from Yves Rocher, French was never my best subject at school, but what I can tell you is that it smells so perfect! The fragrance is super romantic, a little woody from the Guaiac Wood, and then quite musky and floral - it's definitely one that you'd wear for date night. The wear time is about 12 hours, I've still been able to smell it on my pillow when I wake up the next day.

The packaging is also pretty romantic, and very much reminds me of the Classic Chanel No 5 bottle, with its rectangle shape, subtle logo to the neck, and large pull off jewelled style lid. It's very classic but with a modern twist with the super cute cut out heart on the corner, something that I'm proud to have sitting on my dressing table shelf. I'm quite a fan of Yves Rocher perfumes and I'll definitely be having a look for something new from them when I'm next in the market for a new scent. I actually reviewed another of their fragrances here if you're interested.

Have you tried any Yves Rocher products before? Are you a fan of them too?

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Workwear Wishlist

As I spend pretty much half my life at work (not actually complaining, because I do like my job) I've noticed that more and more of my wardrobe is being tranformed into workwear, mainly down to the fact that there's not a strict dress code with me working in marketing. That said, I thought it was about time to start looking for some pieces bought specifically for work, and then I'm not losing all my summer dresses and night out outfits.
I don't think you can beat a little red dress, it's pretty much the LBD's cooler younger sister, and the perfect way to brighten up your outfits without being too jazzy, I think this one in particular looks really chic and would look amazing with the blazer I've picked out. I'm a huge blazer lover as they manage to smarten up pretty much any outfit, so I probably end up wearing one 2/3 times a week thrown over a summer dress or teamed with jeans and a little silky top. For me, a work bag has to be big, that way I can carry my notebooks, many chargers, business cards & all the other essentials without walking into somewhere looking like you've brought half your home. I find Nica is the best place to look for bags, and I'll always have a least 2 in my wardrobe.
Now I've mentioned my love for Marc Jacobs on here sooo many times, so it felt wrong to not include something timeless and understated on here, that would easily slip into any work wardrobe (hint hint to Liam). I found this one from Market Cross Jewellers who have so many in the sale right now so I'd definitely take a peek there!
What do you tend to wear for work? Would you be interested in seeing more of these type posts?

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Currently Lovin' - Spring Summer Edition

With the clocks changing, you'd hope this would be the start of Spring Summer, however, as always in Britain this isn't the case, as I look out of my window right now you couldn't blame me for guessing it was the middle of December. Regardless, it's always sunny on the good old blogosphere right? I thought now would be the perfect time to start a little internet shopping and wishlisting because my holidays are only a couple of months away now, and I need to do something to help with the excitement!

I'm completely in love with the floppy hat trend at the moment, there's just something so glamorous about them, especially when teamed with a gorgeous pair of big frame sunnies. I'm super in love with this pink colour-block pair of Marc Sunglasses even though I'm pretty sure they're the same as the pair I already have but in a different colour-way. Oh and how adorable is the Pandora bracelet? Very! I'm such a sucker for anything with daisies, they're just so simple and understated, and the  perfect signifier for S/S, if I don't end up buying this for myself I'll definitely be dropping a few hints for my birthday haha.

River Island is somewhere that I always find a bit hit and miss, but this bright yellow suitcase is ticking all the boxes for me right now, and I'd absolutely love to be pulling through Manchester Airport sporting that little yellow floral shift dress!

Have you got your Summer holidays booked? Have you started buying pieces for them yet?

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Mum In A Million

Today's post is dedicated to the most special lady in my life, my parter in crime, my best friend, my mum. This lady means everything to me, and she really is a mum in a million. Being an only child, with a rather yummy young mummy (she was 21 when she had me, god knows how I'd cope if I had a toddler to look after at this age!) we've always been close, more like sisters than mum and daughter.

She's brought me up to be the person I am (with a little help from my dad too of course!) and I really can't thank her enough. She's always put me first, and made sure that I've always strived for the best I could achieve in life, and at 24 with a great job in a subject I studied my 1st class degree in, owning my own house and living with other true love, I'd call that a huge success on her part. Thank you mum! We've had great holidays, parties and nights out together, but there's really nothing better than going back "home home" and snuggling on her sofa with a nice cup of tea, and gossiping about the world. Thanks for putting up with me for all these years!

If you think your mum is one in a million too you might be interested in this little competition by Parkdean where you could win a mini break to say thanks for being the best mum. I know I'll be entering!

Ps. sorry for the pretty low quality photo but it's one my my recent faves of the two of us.