Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Vacant Heart

Dress: Wal G*. Bag: Asos. Heels: Steve Madden.

Oh hi there, most absolutely beautiful dress. Fancy seeing you around here..

Seriously, I'm 100% 3000% in love with this dress. I actually ditched another outfit that I was planning to wear that same day for my friends birthday because this had turned up in the mornings post. As soon as I tried it on I just fell completely head over heels.

It's super flattering with its cross over bust section - but doesn't leave everything hanging out if you know what I mean, and the floaty skirt and cute pink floral pattern are a match made in heaven!

Wal G is a brand I've loved for ages, and I actually featured them in one of my vey first outfit posts here, so I'm glad that I recently rediscovered them. I definitely know where my next wage slip will be going… Oopsies!

Have you shopped with Wal G before? Are you as in love with this dress as me?

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Viktor & Rolf, His & Hers

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb & Spicebomb

So yeah, we've become that kind of couple, with his & hers perfumes, and in all honesty, I'm not ashamed at all because they're the nicest fragrances we've ever bought! Result of not spending much at all on holiday thanks to the all inclusive cocktails, so we decided to really splash out in the duty free section. They're definitely the most expensive fragrances I've ever purchased, but in my opinion they're more than worth the money!

Flowerbomb is something you've probably seen everywhere, and if you ask any blogger what her favourite perfume is, I imagine 4/5 would say this one. It smells exactly like it sounds, a big explosion of floral notes. I imagine it's what Carrie would smell like at her wedding (when Big stands her up - omg the tears!). Everything about it is perfect, the scent which lasts for a good 6 hours at least, the incredibly understated branding and the beautiful bottle itself. I'll 100% be repurchasing this when it's run out!

Spicebomb is just as equally incredible. Firstly, check out that completely untacky grenade style bottle, you even need to pull out the Viktor & Rolf pin just to get it to spray - that's pretty neat right? Plus it smells unlike any other men's fragrance I've ever smelt. Like the name, it's incredibly 'spicey' but not like something an old dapper man would wear, it's like a modern day spice with fruity undertones. It's pretty hard to explain this one, but I promise you it's pretty delicious. Next time you're passing Boots pop in and give it a sniff, you'll see why we love it!

I'm definitely happy that we've got a Viktor & Rolf family going on (including the new Bon Bon which I reviewed here), it's hands down my favourite fragrance brand. Have you ever tried either of these? What's your thoughts on them?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hat: Topshop. Jumpsuit: George*. Heels: Jeffrey Campbell.

I was recently sent this amazing jumpsuit for a blogger style challenge, to see how different bloggers could dress it up. I had a few ideas initially, like clashing with this hat & bag combo which I absolutely love, but when it turned up I realised that it's super stand out on it's own, and really just needs to be the centre of attention.

That said, I did decide to pair it with my favourite Jeffrey Campbell's which are a bit of a statement in themselves, but I think they worked really well together. I also thought I'd go for a simple side plait and hat for a sophisticated chic look, and also in a effort to not complicate the top section of the jumpsuit too much, as I love the simplicity of the thin straps.

I love how this jumpsuit could be worn for pretty much any occasion, and think it would actually make a beach cover up - but alas I don't have any holidays planned. Le sigh,

I haven't actually seen any other entries so far, but I'm definitely interested in seeing what other bloggers did with theirs! How would you style this up? What do you think of my entry?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Meet MyChelle

MyChelle is a brand that I've not been too familiar with, but I'm always up for trying out another skin brand, you never know, one day you might find that killer product that's perfect for your skin and you'll buy it again & again & again for the rest of your life! The lovely people over at MyChelle sent me a couple of their products right for my skin type to try out (which is mostly dry with the occasional blemish), one which is the Deep Repair Cream, and also the Advanced Argan Oil.

Recently my skin has been extra dry, I won't bore you with the full story but our flat is extremely hot, like living in a bloody greenhouse, & my poor skin's been suffering from it. So it's Deep Repair Cream to the rescue - an all natural, vegan friendly & gluten free cream which hydrates & repairs tired, dry skin. I find the cream to be lightly fragranced, with a thick custard appearance, both in colour & texture, but thankfully, it's not sticky and sinks into your skin pretty quickly. I'm pretty impressed that this has managed to clear up most of my dry skin, however I wouldn't say it's done too much with my blemishes, so I'd probably give it a 6/10.

For me, the star product has to be their Advanced Argan Facial Oil, which is a great multipurpose product - you can virtually use it for anything! MyChelle suggest "Massage into face, neck, hands or whole body when you need an extra dose of moisture. Use to condition wet or style dry hair. Add 1-2 drops to cleansers, treatments and creams to boost performance."I've been using this mostly for my hair, as I'm not too keen on using oily products on my hair. Using the handy dropper applicator I've been mixing this in with my everyday hair product - Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil, (yes it does kind of defeat the object), and I've found my hairs been a lot more luscious and healthy looking! I've even dropped a couple of splashes into my conditioner for those other days when I'm not putting various products into my hair. I'd give this one a solid 8/10.

I have to admit that I'm pretty impressed with MyChelle & will probably look to try other items from their ranges. Have you tried anything before? Would you now?

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Neon Cathedral

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs*. Bag: New Look. Dress: Red Label*. Shoes: Steve Madden.

Firstly, apologies for those unsightly nude bra straps, oopies! Secondly, these photos really don't show you just how amazing bright this beautiful lacey Red Label number is. Seriously, it's like the sun or something, if the sun visited the 80s anyway. If this weather wasn't so up and down all the time, I'd literally be living in this dress, it's absolutely perfect for a summer update to your wardrobe, and it's extremely versatile too - try it over a plain white tee with a pair of jellies for a bit of 90s look, or with a denim jacket for those summer evenings, or even a leather jacket for the perfect gig attire! At £18.99 it's a steal, you really will get so much use out of this, and it's super good quality too.

Will you be donning a little neon for summer? How would you style this?

Ps. how gorgeous is this little co-ord number that's sitting in Red Label's new in section? If only I wasn't saving for a house - le sigh!