Monday, 1 September 2014 Review is a website I'll happily admit to spending far too many hours on, seriously, mega hours, especially now that we're homeowners - yeah, that still doesn't feel real. So you can imagine how excited I am to own the ever so beautiful Cohen Double Floor Lamp (the fiancĂ© and I  have a real soft spot for lighting and clocks, so much so that when we still lived in our Manchester apartment we had more clocks than we did rooms), it's such a simple and elegant piece, yet it's an amazing statement piece too. It was super easy to assemble, all it took was me (with my complete lack of DIY knowledge), and a tiny little allen key & spanner, I had the whole thing together in less than 30 minutes, which I'd call a success. It's a beautiful lamp with two heads which can point in pretty much any direction, so makes a great corner lamp because you can use it to light up two walls now that we're getting into that cosy Autumn weather. That said, you can actually get the Cohen in a whole number of different versions here, so you don't have to just stick baby in the corner. Oh and did I mention you can get it into a beautiful mint version too?

Because we've literally just moved in I thought I'd just share some detail photos for now, rather than it looking lonely in the corner of our room, that said I'll be showing you lots more photos of it in the future, especially when we've got this room together. So instead, I'll show you our plans of how the living room will look once we've taken our old fireplace out, plastered the chimney breast, replaced the tatty old laminate, and the list goes on…

I've been obsessed with the whole copper trend this summer, and think it's the perfect way to add a bit of character to add a bit of character to a nice earthy palette. The sofas are from John Lewis, and I've probably been eyeing them up since the day they were first released, they're pretty pricey, but genuinely the comfiest settee I've ever sat on, so I'll be glad to welcome these into my house with open arms. I think we've all seen this rug gracing the background of many instagram snaps, and I'm not surprised because it's super stunning and a bit on an ikea steal, just like the cushions. I think the lamp is going to fit in just nicely with it's new homely friends, and I can't wait until we can finally get the whole thing together.

Have you shopped with before? What do you think of the Cohen range?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Our Front Door


Ready for some extremely big news, something I've been hinting about for some time now? WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE. Such exciting, many scares, much works to do, so grown ups (the excitement completely justified the doge type speak there). You may have already seen the news if you follow me on twitter or instagram, but I just had to share the news for those who haven't heard.

So this is our front door, and isn't it pretty? This photo is actually from our house listing on rightmove so we don't have all the beautiful flowers but I'll definitely dress it up in all sorts of pretty baskets & plant pots because after all, your front door gives the first impression of your house. There's a lot going on behind this door, and I'll definitely show you more in due course, but for now there's a couple of sneaky glimpses above.

Would you like to see more house posts? I'd love to see yours, link me to them in the comments if you've got any!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Silky Sexy Hair Lite Review

Silky Sexy Hair Lite Shampoo* & Conditioner*
I've tried a couple of Sexy Hair products before here, and I have to say they're at the top of my list when it comes to haircare. I'm a big fan of all their packaging, it's nice to see how it changes for each of their ranges to suit, plus they smell delicious and actually do what they claim to do too!
The Silky Sexy Hair lite combo is created especially for fine & normal hair, although they do actually have a version for thicker hair here. I'm always on the look out for fine hair products that work, because I find that some other hair products can really weigh my hair down, and make it look & feel pretty flat. This is like no other, it's left my hair feeling extremely silky, with plenty of moisture, and pretty much that "just stepped out of the salon" feel so I'll definitely be purchasing this again! Plus the smell is so devine, it's like a super punchy fragrant grape scent, all packed in a beautiful purpley blue & silver bottle which will be taking pride of place in my new bathroom (moving day tomorrow - ahh!).
You can pick up Sexy Hair products from Hairtrade who have an amazing amount of beautiful hair extensions as well as beauty & heair products! Have you tried anything from Sexy Hair before? Will you be trying this duo?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Shadow Palette Review

The lovely folk over at John Lewis sent me this YSL Couture Palette to try out, and I couldn't be more over the moon. Yves Saint Laurent is a brand that is pretty much always at the top of my wishlist, but when you're saving for a house it feels pretty naughty to splash out on a nice premium makeup brand just because.

Anyway, when it turned up I felt like a little girl at christmas, carefully unpacking it in all its shiney golden glory. I picked out the Tuxedo version, as I'm a big fan of the Smokey Eye (I've posted another here), and decided to create a subtle smokey look that's suitable for day wear and not just a big night out. I found that the top two colours are perfect for base and highlighting, the middle for a nice smokey eyeline, and the other two to blend or use seperate to create a different look every time.

All shades are super pigmented so you don't need to use much at all, meaning it's actually pretty good value for money. There's a nice mix between glittery and matte shades too, making it perfect to take with you from day to night, and you can easily update your look with help from the giant mirror tucked inside.

I'm genuinely really happy with this palette and I'll be adding one of the other colours to the top of my birthday wishlist! Have you tried anything from YSL before? What do you think of this palette?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Cupcakes With Katie Alice

I haven't baked in so long, (so long that I thought it was a good idea to pack up my piping bag & tiny adorable cupcake cases - le sigh!) but I just had to christen the most beautiful utensils I've ever laid my eyes on. They're from the Katie Alice English Garden collection from Creative Tops, which you can purchase here, and in my opinion they're really the best money can buy. Crafted from beech and the sweetest pastel silicones, they look & feel the part, and I don't know any girl who wouldn't want these on display in their kitchen, especially in their adorable cream croc pot too! Saying that, as you can clearly tell, I'm a complete sucker for anything pretty and colourful in the kitchen.

The cupcakes I made are lemon and poppy seed buns, with a limey buttercream and lime zest sprinkled over the top. I'm definitely going to get back into baking once we move into our first house this month - yes, very exciting! I haven't really mentioned it on here until now because I didn't want to tempt fait, but it's very soon going to be a reality, and I'll be sharing lots and lots of housey type posts, DIY, the ups & downs of our house buying story and of course loads of beautiful moodboards!

Are you as in love with Katie Alice as me? What do you think of the English Garden collection?